Why Has The 1999 Agreement Brokered By The Un


14 Although this section is not intended to provide an exhaustive analysis of the topic, it should be noted that the armed conflict that began in Guinea-Bissau in June 1998 was the result of a complex network of internal, regional and international factors. Among the structural causes of the conflict is the Portuguese colonial legacy, which has left deep traces in the country`s economic, social and political structures as well as infrastructure. Second, the war of independence (1963-1974) left a surplus of weapons in the country, which was then used by individuals in the armed forces and the government to illegally supply armed separatist groups in Senegal. Indeed, indicators of the country`s socio-economic development remain very low, with some still looming at levels similar to those observed in 1997 before the outbreak of the civil war. .

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The methods of customs value in descending order of priority are as follows: Each member of the Technical Committee shall have one vote. The decision of the Technical Committee shall be taken by a majority composed of at least two-thirds of the members present. Whatever the outcome of the vote […]