Voidable Agreement Meaning In Marathi


Whether the presentation is fraudulent or innocent, the contract is not invalid, but liable to compensatory measures. Where fraud or coercion is used to obtain the agreement of a party to a contract, the contract shall at least be countervailable. Under customary law, a contract concluded under duress is questionable at the choice of one of the parties. Which means voidable in Marathi, voidable meaning in Marathi, voidable definition, examples and voidable pronunciation in the Marathi language. Typical reasons for challenging a contract are coercion, unlawful influence, misrepresentation or fraud. A contract concluded by a minor is often questionable, but a minor can only avoid a contract during his minority status and for a reasonable period after the age of majority. After a reasonable period of time, the treaty is deemed to have been ratified and cannot be circumvented. [1] Other examples are real estate contracts, lawyers` contracts, etc. You will also find the pronunciation of voidable in Marathi and English. We are constantly improving our dictionaries. Nevertheless, it is possible that some words are not available. You can ask other members in the forums or send us an email. We will try to help.

. You can create your own word lists from topics. A transaction or deed that is valid, but which can be cancelled by one of the parties to the transaction, is legally questionable. Voidable is usually used in the distinction to empty ab initio and inapplicable. Folgeschäden: परिणामी नुकसान भरपाई, अनुवर्ती नुकसानभरपाई: Parinamee nuksaan.bharapaee, anuvartee nuksaan.bharapaee. . . .

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