Transfer Agent Services Agreement


If investors hold securities on their behalf and wish to transfer or sell those securities, they may be required to secure their signatures before the transfer body accepts the transactions. Why is this important? If companies don`t know their contractual terms or deadlines, it can be costly. Under an “exit clause” found in many contracts, the current transfer agent may charge an additional fee if contracts are not renewed within certain time frames. Contracts may also include conditions that automatically set the current supplier and certain conditions (including automatic cost increases), unless terminated on time. There is no reason to surprise the dates and conditions of extension. Talk to your transfer agent at an early stage and receive the answers you need well in advance of the renewal date. Transfer agents work closely with registrants to ensure that investors receive their interest and dividends due in a timely manner. Transfer agents also monitor the sending of monthly investment invoices to shareholders of investment funds. While any transfer-agent contract may provide for an automatic extension, the relationship should not be automatic.

Rather, it is a consistent verification process to determine how well your transfer agent is meeting current needs at a competitive cost. Here are five strategic questions that can help focus a service contract verification process. 3. Does the transfer agent clearly announce how they monetize the revenues of your shareholder base? Listed companies and their shareholders take their existing transfer agent relationships for granted, so a change of supplier cannot be worth the burden and costs. As a result, most transfer agent contracts renew automatically, which promotes the longevity of the relationship. When you ask this question, you can open a dialog box with your transfer agent while avoiding the effects of automatic extensions. Transfer agents make distributions to investors based on the Registrar`s records. For example, transfer agents send interest to bondholders as well as the face value of their bonds once they have matured. Similarly, transfer agents send cash dividends to equity investors as soon as the companies in which they invest make sufficient profits.

These third-party companies specialize in providing transfer agent services and many companies believe that the costs of hiring a third party are cost-effective. Transfer agents take on a detailed and difficult task, especially for large companies with many shareholders. For example, it is not uncommon for a publicly traded company to issue millions of shares. Someone needs to keep in order all the relevant information for these millions of shares. Strong long-term relationships between companies and transfer agents are desirable. But without regular checks, your relationships in a dynamic industry can no longer be in line with competition standards..

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