Teach Out Agreement Definition


Commission staff review the participation of an additional participant in an assistance agreement or the participation of a MEMBER OF THE CNHR in a delivery agreement required by a non-HLC organization and may intervene to approve it. An institution which is concerned by circumstances which would require the submission of an interim plan under this Directive or which is under investigation or which is the subject of criminal proceedings by a law enforcement authority for a problem relating to academic quality, misrepresentation, fraud or other serious matters shall not have the right to serve as a beneficiary institution of the teach-out. HLC also reserves the right to disqualify any potential teach-out device due to other risk factors it identifies. A teach-out receiving device must be accredited by an agency recognized by the United States. The Ministry of Education and, where appropriate, the financial assistance provided for in Title IV. The educational institution must also be accredited by an appropriate public higher education and accreditation agency to offer the programmes offered by the institution that close or suspend the operation; Have the experience, resources and support services to provide an education program of acceptable quality and, in terms of content, structure and timing, be similar to that of the organization closing or terminating the operation; demonstrate that it can enable students to access such programs and services without having to travel or travel significant distances, that they are stable, that they would fulfill their mission and that they would fulfill all their obligations to its existing students. .

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