Registration Of Lease Agreement


If two do the same thing, it`s not the same thing. This old proverb applies above all to the comparison of legal provisions in different countries. Companies in different legal systems sometimes tend to expect the same thing when the regulation seems similar at first glance. The legislation on the registration of rental contracts in public registers is a good example. We have selected five jurisdictions in the UNECE region – the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Slovakia – and we show, with the help of these examples, how variable regulations can be, even if they seem to apply the same legal principle. In any case, we also summarize another reference topic: the impact of the transfer of ownership of a rental property on the associated rental agreement. Company: the term “company” refers to persons who enter into a rental agreement for real estate that the company rents. A “company” must contain the commercial register number. In the Czech Republic, registering a lease can be beneficial for the tenant if the owner transfers the property to a third party. In general, a change of ownership does not affect the existing lease of the property.

It remains valid and neither party can terminate the lease. However, if the purchaser did not know this and had no reason to believe that the property is rented, his right of termination comes into force. Registration is therefore particularly useful when it is not obvious that the property is being rented. In addition, the new owner is not bound by the contractual provisions of the rental agreement of which he knew nothing at the time of the acquisition of the property. Registering the lease can also increase the tenant`s comfort in connection with this risk. The advantage of tenant registration is obvious – the tenant is protected in case of transfer of ownership. The advantage for the owner is that the registration of a lease can prove that the buyer cannot claim that he had no chance to get acquainted with the fact that the property is rented. A signed letter from both parties stating the reason for and exact date of termination, including the registration reference number and address of the rented property, should be sent to [email protected] Lease agreements that state in the agreement that the lease is automatically renewed are required to renew their online registration. The procedure to follow is as follows: Country offices in Thailand only use the Thai language and Written Thai documents (such as their own official Thai script contract form), even the name of the foreigner in the contract is written in Thai characters…

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