Partnership Business Agreement In Bangla


There are some rules between the partners in the management of the management: a) It is a right that allows any partner to participate in the management of the partnership activity. b) Any partner has the right to have access to the recording and reproduction of the company`s accounts. c) No modification can be made as a company without the agreement of all partners. d) Every partner must conscientiously take care of the affairs of the company (ยง 13). Partners can distribute management`s work among themselves in any way they want. There may be a partner who does not participate in the part of the business. The contract of a partnership may provide that it will not carry on activities other than those of the partners in the course of its activities as a shareholder, and such an agreement is not void for commercial restriction [Article 11(2)]. It is a personal right of the partner to participate in the transaction that cannot be claimed by the transferee during the sustainability of the firm. The parties thus form a social society under the name……, called …….. Strong….

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