Joinder Agreement Template


This agreement serves as a bridge between the old parties to an agreement and the new parties to an agreement. It helps to add new parties smoothly and without extra effort, to negotiate each mandate constantly with the new party. It also gives the new party the opportunity to verify the original The following key terms should be included in a sample contract: the following guidelines can be followed to design an effective draft contract: this agreement is mainly used when an agreement has the possibility of having additional parties in the future. As a general rule, the identity of these parties cannot be established at the time of signing the contract. Such a contract is intended to keep the agreement dynamic and flexible. It saves time and costs that can arise when a contract needs to be renegotiated and reformulated each time a new part needs to be added. A Joinder Agreement form is generally used for: this Agreement contains the names of the parties to the original agreement, the names of the new parties to be added, the date of entry into force on which those parties would be part of the original agreement, the purpose of the agreement, the rights and obligations that have been conferred on the newly added parties. references to the original agreement and standard terms such as waiver, choice of law, communications, remedies, salvatorial clauses and dispute resolution. An joinder agreement is used to add new parties to an agreement that might not be clear on the number of parties. However, the link can be made in any type of contract.

For example, when a business borrows and is later sold to another business, the buying business can be added to the original loan agreement by a membership agreement. It is also used to add new parties such as a subcontractor or beneficiary to an existing agreement. A Joinder is therefore not a commercial contract in itself, but essential to have the intention of a commercial agreement. . This Joinder Agreement supplements the Security Agreement and is provided by Martinez Refining Company LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, and Martinez Terminal Company LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (a “New Pledgor” and, together, the New Pledgors), pursuant to clause 3.3 of the Security Agreement. Any new Pledgor agrees, as guarantor and as a Pledgor party, to be bound by the security agreement to all the conditions, agreements and conditions set out in the security agreement, to the extent that they would have been bound if it had been a signatory to the security agreement at the time of the security agreement. Any new Pledgor also agrees to be bound, as a party, to all the terms, covenants and conditions applicable to it in Articles V, VI and VII of the Credit Agreement, to the extent that it would have been bound if it had been a signatory to the Credit Agreement on the day of the execution of the Credit Agre against a good and valuable consideration. The undersigned company adheres to the Broker Recruitment Protocol and becomes a party to the Broker Recruitment Protocol and agrees to be bound by the terms of the Broker Recruitment Protocol and to discharge its obligations under it.

This joint agreement will be entered into and entered into on August 31, 2020 by and between Steadfast Apartment Advisor, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (the “Consultant”), Steadfast Apartment REIT, Inc., a Maryland corporation (the “Company”) and Steadfast Apartment REIT Operating Partnership, L.P. .

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