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The application of the conditions over the next 99 years (duration of the agreement) also requires constant effort and work. Ultimately, the involvement of a Community coalition in decisions on the distribution of economic benefits among Community stakeholders is very powerful. Given the representativeness of the coalition – 25 organizations were signatories – the CBA has the potential to benefit future generations of Bronx residents. “The CRA has certain pressure points where municipalities have the opportunity to meet their needs,” said Thomas Keily, consumer data and research coordinator at the Western New York Law Center, one of the NCRC members at the base who participate in KeyBank CBA. Mergers, acquisitions and CRA audits are intervention points where banks are ready for regulatory review and may be ready to negotiate with supporters of the Community. In response to the development proposal, community groups formed the Figueroa Corridor Coalition for Economic Justice in low-income neighborhoods around the arena. Instead of opposing the project on the basis of the perception that their communities and residents would derive negligible benefits, or asking the local government to mitigate the developer`s efforts, the coalition decided to determine what kind of benefits the community could derive from the project. They then negotiated with the developer and the city to ensure these benefits. CBAs depend on cooperation between banks and community organizations. This begins with dialogue and negotiations on the scope and extent of a bank`s CBA commitment and continues after an agreement is signed by municipal councils set up to advise on the implementation and monitoring of the agreement. In 2012, a new group of developers, KNIC Partners, proposed to the Kingsbridge National Ice Centre a plan to make the armoury the largest ice sports facility in the world.

The developers of the ice center openly agreed to pay sustainable salaries and approached KARA leaders to discuss the economic benefits that could be shared with the parishioners. This approach was different from the previous, more confrontational negotiations with Related. KARA, which is now working with a new group of Pro-Bonolawyern, and the ice center team negotiated many key terms and finally reached an agreement acceptable to both parties after months of meetings. [2] Although government officials did not participate in the CBA, municipal officials closely monitored the negotiations and paid attention to any individual interests that unduly influenced the conditions of the CBA. For example, a city councillor demanded that the developer pay a significant amount of money to a charity with which he was linked in exchange for his support; However, KNIC Partners rejected its application. [3] In addition, the process of negotiating a CBA can be complex, time-consuming and laborious. For community groups, the process may require more organizational capacity, staff, or resources than they have….

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