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Donna – I`m sorry, but I`m not an expert on American Social Security. You need to contact them to see how much your SS is reduced under the PAM. Hello, Doug, my mother will be 20 years old as a legal citizen in Canada. She is from Guatemala. Someone told me that she could get her retirement pension, even if it`s not a deal, but they will deduct the 30% of the tax. In June, she will be 82 years old. I read on the retirement page, but I didn`t confirm anything. Can you tell me how it works? Thank you I am elected to OAS Pension after 12 years in Canada and I live with my wife, who is 66 years old and I am 69 years old with a low income. I applied for a pension and received a letter from Service Canada refining that the right to the retirement pension under the Social Security Agreement between Canada and India.My question, that I worked in the United Arab Emirates at an Indian bank in Dubai for about 32 years and that the Bank of the United Arab Emirates does not provide contingency funds/pension The bank is headquartered in India with branches in the Middle East and is subject to the rules of the United Arab Emirates, I will be entitled to a Hi Bee old age pension – Yes, if he works in Canada and contributes to CPP, he will qualify for a CPP retirement pension. If he pays the maximum amount for each of the next 5 years, his monthly CPP at age 70 would be about 243 $US. If he has at least 5 years of U.S. Social Security contributions, this should mean that you are entitled to death/survival benefits under the CPP and you may also be entitled to survival benefits under his U.S. Social Security.

Here`s an off-the-wall question for you. I worked 28 quarters in the United States – the balance sheet of my professional life was in Canada (I am 74 years old). I was collecting OAS/CPP. Recently, international agreements allowed me to qualify for an additional SocSec pension in the United States, based on my work history there. In the process of my investigation, I was able to find that my contributions to US Soc Sec totaled $34,000.00, plus my employer contributed in the same way. It was starting in 2009, when I returned to Canada. .

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