Aps Interconnection Agreement


Their first step is to call Yuma Solar for a free technical consultation and a written quote. A technician trained by Yuma Solar assists you in all documents related to the sPG connection program. Once the installation of the system has passed the inspection, SPG sends a letter of authorization or an e-mail authorizing the operation of the system in parallel with the power grid. For residential real estate tax credits, use Federal Tax Form 5695 and Arizona State Tax Form 310. For corporate tax credits, use Federal Tax Form 3468 and Arizona State Tax Form 336. After approval of the interconnection application, SPG prepares an interconnection agreement. Then check, sign and download a copy of the interconnection agreement and some other required forms on SPG. If you decide to install a solar system, you must submit an APS connection request online. The application consists of information about your proposed solar system and an offer that includes the total breakdown cost of the solar installation, including installation costs. Now that you know what Yuma Solar has to offer, here are the next steps…

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