Which Of The Following Are Real Estate Listing Agreements In Indiana


INDIANA CODE No. 32-21 – Home Development Procedure INDIANA CODE ADMINISTRATIF – TITLE 876 – Indiana Real Estate Commission INDIANA CODE No. 24-4.6 – Special Provisions for Certain Transactions Title 876, Section 7 – Managing Broker Education; Postlissenbildung; Continuing education Instructor Education INDIANA CODE – Professional Corporations INDIANA CODE – Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons The most recent version of Indiana`s statutes and rules can be accessed with the following quotes. Title 876, Section 8 – Brokerage Company Operations and Other Real Estate Practice Provisions Title 876, Section 6 – Real Estate Schools; Pre-licensing training; Audit Title 876, Section 9 – Disclosure of The Sale of Real Estate.

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Writing Agreement Letter

The letter of contract can also be considered a legal document that protects your legal rights and obligations. In this context, the letter of agreement should contain complete information about the parties (name and address). The terms of the agreement must be clearly stated in the letter; Project type, description […]