Webex Calling Enterprise Agreement


Cisco Webex Edge Audio is suitable for customers with a cloud meeting solution with a local call solution. It offers an on-net trail (VoIP) for participants to participate in meetings from their existing IP phones, without the need to change their behaviour or training. Webex Edge Audio supports all Cisco Unified Communications solutions and delivers high-quality audio (broadband codec) and cost savings by bypassing the PSTN system. Working Areas (also known as common areas) – Choose this option if you are looking for a simple phone number with a limited number of calling features that are suitable for areas such as rest rooms, lobbies and conference rooms. Cisco Webex Edge Connect is suitable for customers with a cloud meeting solution with a local call solution. It offers a dedicated, managed, QoS-capable IP connection, from the client to Cisco`s Webex cloud, through direct peering, leading to better and faster Webex meetings in support of the Cisco Webex Backbone. Direct connection provides better meeting quality with consistent network performance and additional security. Customers who provide Webex Edge audio are advised to acquire Webex Edge Connect to achieve superior conference quality and significant cost savings by combining audio and Internet bandwidth. Cisco Unified Communications Manager EMS helps companies create a centralized architecture to manage and develop their networks in a simpler and more efficient way when cooperation requirements change. With SMEs, companies can: safe, all-in-one team cooperation from Cisco Webex.

Cisco Webex Team is an application for continuous teamwork. Move your work to secure workspaces where everyone can contribute at any time with messaging, file sharing, whiteboarding, video meetings, calls and more. In most cases, the local gateway and terminations can be found in customers` internal network using private IP addresses with NAT. The company file should allow outbound traffic (SIP, RTP/UDP, HTTP) to certain IP/ports addresses, which are processed in the portable reference information. Cisco Webex Edge Connect for Cisco UCM Cloud allows customers to connect redundant and redundant IP links from their locations to Cisco`s UCM cloud (only workload calls). Customers connect directly to the Cisco Webex Backbone via equinix Cloud Exchange. Table 1. Availability of meetings and calls by purchasing tools and commercial licenses to allow for a seamless migration of local call solutions, including UCM or hybrid deployments A company-wide subscription for meetings, calls or meetings and combined calls. Organizations with 250 or more users is this model for you.

You can choose meetings or calls or both. Team Collaboration (Webex Teams) is included for all users. A “true forward” is an adjustment process that balances the fees you owe if your number of knowledge workers provided exceeds your growth allowance. If you need a true forward, Cisco generates an invoice as part of the annual true forward event to align your payment obligation with your usage. Depending on the terms of the program, the True Striker will be evaluated during the billing year after exceeding the growth allowance. If you are considered a real striker for a year and you do not exceed the growth allowance, you are not considered a real striker the following year. At no time should you reduce the knowledge workers in your EUIF during your subscription.

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