Personnel Service Agreement (Psa) Contract


The terms of service of United Nations University officials are governed by the United Nations Statute and Rules and UNU personnel policy. Staff positions include academic and administrative appointments in the Professional Professional (P), National Officer (NO) and General Services (GS) categories. The personnel service contract is an employment contract in a United Nations agency that is not governed by the status and rules of the United Nations. [1] A PSA and a SSA are not personnel contracts. The first appointment of the OSG is usually for one year, with the possibility of an extension on a permanent and temporary basis; However, the total order must not exceed six years. [Citation required] PSA Checklist – This checklist contains all the necessary documents, forms and signatures before submitting the EPI to purchasing services. From now on, all PPE must be submitted with a W9 attached. See link to a blank W9 The UNU Campus Computing Centre (C3) serves as the technological arm of the United Nations University and offers effective, user-focused and low-cost solutions for information and communication technologies (ICTs) that help UNU and its institutes carry out their respective missions. In fulfilling this responsibility, C3 is committed to guiding the university`s strategic technology direction and monitoring the coordination and support of ICT infrastructure, resources and services, in line with the university`s missions and objectives. This is a full-time employment in a one-year contract for the Staff Service Contract (PSA) with UNU-WIDER, with the possibility of conditional renewal and satisfactory work, with the total duration of appointments not exceeding six (6) years.

Following an audit finding by the Public Accounts Commissioners and a recommendation from the I BOR internal audit, all community colleges are now required to document late PSA contract applications using a PSA LATE JUSTIFICATION form. As of 24.10.14, all PSA contract applications that are not forwarded to the purchasing department within the following time frame are considered to be late and require a PSA LATE JUSTIFICATION form. Late applications received without a form are returned untreated to the applicant employee. Please plan accordingly. UNU-WIDER is a leading international think tank on development economics. The Institute provides economic analysis and policy advice to promote sustainable and equitable development for all. In 1985, the Institute was the first research centre of the United Nations University in Helsinki, Finland. Today, it is a unique blend of think tanks, research institutes and UN agency – a range of services ranging from political advice to governments to original research that is open access. For more information on UNU-WIDER`s current work programme, see For academic staff, the first order is normally scheduled for a one-year term. Post-appointment is subject to satisfactory service and is limited to a maximum of three years. The sum of these temporary appointments (start and extension dates) may not normally exceed six years.

The terms of service of PPE staff are not governed by the status and rules of the United Nations, but only by UNU staff policy. For administrative staff, the first order is normally scheduled for a one-year term. These temporary appointments may then be extended for up to four years, provided they are satisfactory. For individuals, this contractual arrangement has the advantage of a higher cash compensation (from 1,000 to 15,000 USD per month depending on the position), but the disadvantage of not receiving benefits such as pension, insurance, etc.

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