Mutual Divorce Agreement In Hindi


The mutual divorce agreement must therefore be drawn up by an expert who knows all the pros and cons of marriage legislation in India. We tried to briefly explain some important tips on how to write a reciprocal divorce agreement in India with the format. Under the Indian legal system, divorce proceedings begin in principle with the filing of a divorce application. Under this Court, the dissolution order is made by the granting of the divorce order and, therefore, the marriage remains dissolved. If children are involved, the spouse must decide between them who will have physical custody of the children, the duration of access and the right of temporary access during the summer and winter holidays and other holidays. Both parents are also competent to take care of the children. It is the agreement and agreement between the parties that prevail in the best interests of the minor child. In divorce proceedings, the parties may include shared custody or common education. The next important aspect is financial management. There are different aspects of financial management that include maintenance, maintenance, home, education expenses, higher education expenses, marriages, Istridhan, joint investments, joint accounts and many others. As divorce lawyers with the agreement of both parties, we provide a platform for the parties to discuss these issues in a calm atmosphere and reach their own solutions. As divorce lawyers, we offer different opportunities by leveraging our long experience in this area to solve problems that jeopardize the chances of finding a solution. At some point, the emotions between spouses are so high that logic is lacking.

NOW, you are ready to file an application for mutual divorce consent. Application for mutual consent Divorce can be filed with one of the following bodies:- Once the divorce application is filed by mutual consent, the parties to the presence before the court are required for the registration of the statement. In the event that one of the parties cannot come, such a party may appear by proxy. Such a power of attorney should preferably be a member of the spouse`s family. Once the statement is recorded, it is generally referred to as “First Motion.” 2. At the request of both parties, submitted no earlier than six months after the date of the petition to the subsection (1) and no later than eighteen months after that date, the Court, if the application is not withdrawn in the meantime, after hearing the parties and having submitted an inquiry which it deems appropriate, was satisfied to find that a marriage had been solemnly celebrated and that the Averments were in the , adopts a divorce decree that declares the dissolution of the marriage with effect from the date of the decree. If, after hearing the parties, the court is satisfied that the petition`s assertions are true and that there can be no possibility of reconciliation and cohabitation, it may issue a divorce decree declaring the marriage dissolved.

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