Ird Child Support Voluntary Agreements


You can also request an end to the payment of family allowances if you are in prison or in hospital for at least 13 weeks, if you are under 16 years of age or if you are a mother who pays family allowances for a child linked to a sexual offence. To learn more about voluntary agreements on the domestic income website (external link) If you receive an allterne benefit rate or unsuranced family allowances, you must request a formula assessment. A voluntary agreement you enter into with your ex-partner is a written child care agreement registered with The Internal Revenue. You and your ex-partner decide the amount, but Inland Revenue collects and collects the money and tracks missed payments. If you receive one or more types of family payments, you must inform us of your private child assistance payments. They are counted as family income. The Child Welfare Program ensures that both parents bear financial responsibility for the cost of raising a child or adolescent. Parents are responsible for the care of their children, even if the parents are separated and/or the parents do not live with their children. If you have a child who does not live with you, you may have to pay for the help of the person your child lives with to help with your child`s education costs. You can benefit from childcare if you live with a child and take responsibility for the education, or you are the “guardian” and guardian.

Family allowances may be granted to legal guardians who care for the child at 35% or more of the time. A private agreement is when parents or non-parents agree on an amount of child care and pay it directly to each other. People often install automatic payments to simplify payments. If you need to apply for child care, you will find more information on the child care system website and complete a child assistance assessment request (IR101) and publish it at: If the child`s guardian receives a benefit and you agree to pay more than the IR assessment, the guardian will receive directly only the amount you pay through the payment. The rest will be to their advantage. If you have a child with whom you do not live 76% of the time, you usually have to pay child benefit to help them with whom they live, to help your child financially.

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