Hong Kong Government Standard Tenancy Agreement


A more important consequence is that the Court of Justice cannot accept an unstamped rental document as evidence in civil proceedings. In other words, one party will have difficulty enforcing the lease document against the other party (who violated the lease or lease) in court. This electronic package consists of a standard residential rental contract and a series of instructions for stamping, registering and submitting the CR109 form for a residential lease. The rental contract and model guide are available in English and Chinese. The public can adapt and adapt and use the standard rental agreement to its own residential rental situation. The guidelines provide a detailed guide to the necessary steps the public must take to comply with the legal requirements for stamping, registration and submission of form CR 109 after signing a rental agreement. More importantly, a general misunderstanding of the tenants is that after the termination of the tenancy agreement, in the event of a breach of the tenant (i.e. the non-payment of the rent that led to the eviction), the compensation to be paid to the lessor is limited to the amount of the deposit and that there is a “clean break” between the parties after the termination. This is not the case because a landlord may have suffered other losses (e.g.B. loss of rent due to the inability to find a replacement tenant for the remainder of the non-exhausted tenancy period) due to the tenant`s irregular termination (i.e., refusal).

A “renewal option” clause in the contract generally requires the tenant to give written notification to the lessor no later than a date specified in the contract. The clause may also include a reference to the terms of the new lease document, for example. B on the same terms as the existing lease or a slight increase in the rent payable during the renewed tenancy period. If the tenant pays the rent on time but commits a serious breach of the tenancy agreement (for example. B subletting, carrying out illegal activities, harassment, installation of illegal structures or coercive measures of registered landlords), the lessor may terminate the lease and find another replacement tenant. Gathering information read the entire reputation among the two tenants will end a regular state court on this Hong Kong government agreement A well-developed tenancy document may contain a clause stipulating that the tenant will compensate the landlord for and of all claims and commitments caused by the tenant`s actions or omissions. However, if the landlord does not have a well-written rental document, it may result in a void in the landlord`s or tenant`s conditions of liability. In such circumstances, the lessor may be involved in totally unforeseen litigation caused by unauthorized uses or accidents within the property by its occupants. On the basis of the same reasoning, the violation of a non-rental clause may make the tenant liable for the omission and/or damages to the lessor.

In some cases, the lessor may also be able to lose the lease in the event of an infringement. If you would like information on renting public housing, please visit the Housing Authority and the Housing Authority website. Landlords should keep in mind that as a registered owner of the property, he remains primarily responsible to the government for any late payment in the payment of rents/rates of the state.

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