Forest Service Volunteer Agreement


The Agency`s expectations of volunteers should be clearly expressed in the agreement. Becoming a volunteer: Volunteers will take care of forest paths. The service includes cutting small trees, pruning back brushes, erasing falls and removing stones from the tread. In addition, good drainage of water is required by restoring a 5 per cent slope to the trail, cleaning water beams, installing new water beams and building landfills. Volunteers will also monitor trail conditions, conduct migration reports with a GPS unit and install signs. Volunteers will use common hand tools such as cutting saws, leaf saws, axes, loppers, shovels, picks, etc. Volunteers will perform general cleaning and maintenance of facilities, three boat launch points, two campsites and a picnic area. The service includes lawn maintenance, soil maintenance, general carpentry, light construction projects, panel maintenance, scraping, painting and waste disposal. Information about the Forest Service on the use of volunteers, partnerships and agreements on national forests, including agreements, guidelines, guidelines, contacts and referrals for voluntary organizations, can be found on the Partnership Resource Center website. This list contains contacts for examples of successful citizen management programs. The information can be useful for both those who are looking to volunteer for small projects and for those who wish to launch or improve a long-term citizen management program for your wildlife. The commitment of “volunteers” has long been part of the manager`s efforts to be an effective wilderness manager. Projects such as Dies in trail maintenance, camping renovation, restoration and visitor contact have been successfully carried out at many sites with minimal cost and learned a lot about working with volunteers and how to implement partnerships.

More recently, partnerships have been established to provide additional resources to support nature management. Today, managers increasingly need to use partners, volunteers and other funding to do both work and awareness of nature`s resource and its benefits. As people commit to understanding the wilderness, with the growing esteem and support for the wilderness.

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