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Invitation letters are prepared after the receipt of the required documents and the acceptance of the apprenticeship agreement by a faculty coordinator, no later than 4 weeks after the provision of complete documents, in accordance with Erasmus agreements with partner universities. (Agreements, teacher exchanges, international organisations) Room 324; Phone: (4822) 834 04 31, ext. 335 E-mail: ⇒ An order to purchase a ticket for WhyNotTRAVEL can only be filed on the completed and signed “ticket order” form. A copy of the contract signed by the faculty coordinator/teacher must be presented to bWM at the time of signing the financial contract prior to the trip with the scholarship. For more details, visit the Ankara Consulate website. After the official appointment by the partner university, we send information about the recruitment process to students and link it to our university registration page. We need an online registration by the student (personally). You can only register for one semester (following). The registration form must be completed on our website, the document generated by our system must be signed by the ERASMUS coordinator at the university of origin and mailed to our International Office along with other recruitment documents before the deadline for submitting applications.

The only document valid as a program during the mobility of arriving students is a learning agreement from the AWF registration site. Students should not add or modify it, otherwise it will not be signed. Additional documents such as the learning agreement of the issuing institution can be added to the set of recruitment documents sent by mail. A disabled person travelling on an Erasmus grant is entitled to additional funds. The amount of the additional credits is set by the UWr on the basis of an application submitted to the university coordinator of the Erasmus scholarship, which can be granted for up to 10 months. Students from EUROPEAN Union countries need a European Health Insurance Card (CEVK) which confirms insurance in Poland and provides coverage for medical expenses abroad. The practice should relate to the field of study. It may be mandatory and will be an integral part of the curriculum or will be optional and will provide the opportunity to acquire additional skills and skills. ECTS points are expressed in points 1 to 60, which are awarded to each subject on the basis of the work a student must do to complete these subjects. These include conferences, exercises, seminars, group consultations, individual and laboratory work. Recruitment for pre-prepared travel Erasmus is managed by coordinators in the various departments. NOTE: The absence of one of the above documents or the absence of an OLS test prevents the signing of the contract, which forms the basis of the payment of the Erasmus scholarship.

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