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Adobe Sign is an electronic signature solution that allows users to send an electronic signature document, create and manage agreements, retrieve signed documents, archive signed documents, incorporate a signature interface into your app, send reminders, download monitoring paths and more. This call for a contract returns the agreement identifier. • documentCreationInfo: signatureType: ESIGN, recipientSetInfos: [ – recipientSetMemberInfos: [ – email: signatureFlow: SENDER_SIGNATURE_NOT_REQUIRED, message: unterschreiben Sie dies von uns!, fileInfos: [ transientDocumentId: ThisIsNotARealIDValue-jy1F6Er5cWrPwjA13G2fXGUW3A1Ual5u-m8EZ_5Gn-Fo9utqWHuoX-eg7e9SJ-NfakUChCvahlzkeUWpCVj W1P3-iTX6fggdOUtj-xmkqgZgFw5zWJpSMZJcaHO9p25oKjmhtpv_b2UKOkgIEs-Xn8xXlymXtUSZ01x66j_BQWgV_piJE-HYcS1OOke708VMgTJHrVdjHi3TfMrE0SjLK7W8linzfeHLdaxXCtX-JwW5I32g3DpRd_vIg3o0y8V9pIi6AS6fTC7PqEhLo5ymbUHIWui4Ui-ZDPpC8sgnyDHzUABFLNnn9pQMJ5Cuuw4E-1u1CL28hOktk6aG name: Name Value der Vereinbarung, options: noChrome: true, authoringRequested: true, autoLoginUser: true Es wird empfohlen, eine Instanz von ApiClient pro Thread und pro Benutzer (mit baseUris für den Benutzer abgerufen) in einer Multithreadumgebung zu erstellen, um potenzielle Probleme zu vermeiden. java -cp .; lib/json_simple-1.1.jar Customer Class Name The default exit path used in sample values is the user`s temporary directory. If necessary, this can be modified by updating the () method. Here we receive the URL with the signatory`s email address. We can now pass it on to the signatory using any delivery method. In the past, it was customary to integrate this signature URL into an iFrame in your app. Adobe Sign uses cookies so that the signatory can return to this URL without losing information, and today browsers are starting to ban third-party cookies, which is why we recommend a.onclick button with a

This opens the URL in a new tab and can be combined with our event listeners. This way, your platform can intercept the PAGE_LOAD:POST_SIGN event” and close the tab. All ORIs are related to How do I create an agreement with the API with V6 “AUTHORING” status? The answer to our “simplified” workflow has only one signatory: Sign up to create an app on the Adobe Sign web portal and dry your application ID and application key. Before using these examples, you should consult either an OAuth access bar or an integration key. You can find information about this on the AdobeSign API page ( Imagine this as setting up a “temp file” for use. This is NOT yet an agreement. It is a document that we use to create it.

You should start with a text file such as a Word document, a PDF file or even HTML. You must have predefined the location or storage locations of the signature (or other fields) in your file with what we call Adobe Sign “text tag” geeks. They are substitutes that define where the signatory or signatories should interact. If you don`t place these tags or at least one day for signature, a system system for you will place in the first available vacuum, or it can add an extra page. It is “best practice” to pre-define these sites themselves. If you use a PDF file, you can add fields with Acrobat to create a “form” or you can insert the same “text tags” into the content as you would with a Word document. Once it`s over, you can go straight to the download. The answer is a binary flow of the agreement executed in its entirety.

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